Price is Right Halloween Costumes: What Did Drew And Crew Dress Up Like?

price is right
The Price is Right crew in their Halloween costumes!

The Price is Right celebrated Halloween by dressing up as characters from the classic children’s film “The Wizard of Oz!” Eschewing the trend seen on other daytime shows today of going for current pop culture (Snooki was a popular one!), Drew Carey and crew instead celebrated one of the most beloved movies of all time, one my kids love and yours probably do too. They even put a Yellow Brick Road in the studio!

So what was Drew the Wizard, perhaps, or the Scarecrow? Nope, the newly svelte stepdad-to-be chose the Cowardly Lion. All he needs is a little courage, and maybe he too can win the showcase showdown!

What do you think which daytime show had the best costumes?


Photo: CBS

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