Prince Harry: Could He Be Kate Middletons Next Nanny?


92615PCN_Harry005Now this is just too adorable!

During a recent visit for the opening of the Headway headquarters in London, Prince Harry tried his hand at changing a baby doll’s diaper while holding a barbell in the other hand. Smooth, sensitive and sexy? Yes, please!

The charity, for which his late mother, Princess Diana, served as a royal patron, uses tasks like diaper changing to rehabilitate victims of brain injuries. You can check out the photo here.

With his new skill that he learned and considering that his sister-in-law might need a nanny for her future royal baby this summer, I don’t think she has to look too far as she’s got someone perfect in the family: Harry!

Seriously though, I think I’m more excited about seeing photo ops of the Prince Harry spoiling the royal baby than with Prince William and Kate. You know he’s going to be that fun uncle who always gives you a sip of beer when you’re still underage at garden parties or sing horrible renditions of 80s song on the Karaoke machine. Or, in Prince Harry’s case he might just take the royal child along with him on one of his infamous trips to Las Vegas and forget to tell the parents while at it!

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