Prince Harry Is Going To Be One Very "Mischievous" Uncle


While I know that the spotlight has been on both Prince William and Kate Middleton over the past week ever since the royal baby news broke out of Buckingham Palace, we’re forgetting about one person here: Prince Harry. Something tells me that William’s little brother is going to be quite the uncle when the world’s most talked about baby arrives!

The Prince, who is currently stationed in Afghanistan, is said to be elated with the baby news and can’t wait to start poppin’ champagne bottles after Kate gives birth (ok, I might have made up that last part, but it’s a visual we’ve come to expect from Harry after all, right?). A close friend tells People Magazine: “He will be a wonderful uncle [think of] the mischief he will want to get up to with the [children]! I can see it already.”

And in addition, the Prince has also been said to have called and congratulated his brother and sister-in-law upon hearing the great news. Whatever you do Harry, just don’t bring that baby to Vegas! But we’re sure that he’ll be an excellent uncle regardless of how much fun and fireworks he is going to be bringing around.

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