Prince Harry: Is Prince Harry A Better Royal Catch Than Prince William?

Prince Harry
Is Prince Harry A Better Catch Than Prince William?

Prince Harry is no doubt thrilled with the news that his brother, Prince William, and Kate Middleton are finally engaged and set to be married in a royal wedding in 2011. Prince Harry was expected to settle down and start a family soon too, but those plans were put aside after he broke up with girlfriend, Chelsy Davy.

Now that Prince William is off the market, we can’t help but ask, “Is Prince Harry a better Royal Catch than Prince William?”

A lot of women would say yes!

Prince Harry seems to be more of a free spirit than Prince William, though he did get a bit of a party boy image while dating Chelsy Davy. A lot of girls will also say that Prince Harry is better looking than Prince William as well. For whatever reason, Prince Harry gives off the vibe that he’s quite a bit more fun to be around than Prince William.

But what would Kate Middleton say? I’m sure that she wouldn’t trade her Prince for anything!

Photo: Pacific Coast News