Prince Harry Makes His Mother Proud


prince-harry-4Princess Diana would be so proud of her sons if she were alive. They’ve both had their own little hiccups, but they’ve remained on the straight and narrow, for the most part.
Prince Harry recently attended the Well Child Awards and met with the children that were receiving the awards. It seems that was where he spent most of his time.

Prince Harry even gave a little speech:

“Most of us here tonight have not, thank goodness, had to face the enormous challenges of our courageous winners.
“But what you give to all of us through your supreme example, is a very simple thing – inspiration.
“These awards really inspire me – you inspire me and I feel I am just so lucky to be patron of a charity called WellChild.”

It’s a wonderful thing to see him take after his mother so much. I hope that when he has kids someday he can pass his mother’s legacy on to them.


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