What Did Prince Harry Whisper to Pippa Middleton at Royal Wedding?


Pippa Middleton and Prince HarryPippa Middleton and Prince Harry seemed to be a perfect couple standing  on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after the Royal Wedding. Pippa and Prince Harry kept whispering to each other and seemed to be joking back and forth.

The ease of Pippa and Prince Harry getting along started tongues wagging around the world that the pair could be the next Royal Couple!

The Sun reports that Prince Harry leaned in and whispered to his new sister-in-law Pippa Middleton:”You do look very beautiful today — seriously.”

Anyone who saw Pippa and Prince Harry could see the sparks flying between the two siblings!

England cricket celebrity Michael Vaughan tweeted a message to Prince Harry about Pippa Middleton:  “Make a move this afternoon, Harry.”

Fashion critics The Fug Girls told US Magazine their thoughts on Pippa and Prince Harry:

“Odds Kate sat down Pippa and Harry separately and ordered them not to hook up tonight: 5-1. Odds they will anyway: even money.”

Who knows if Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry have a future but they should probably at least think about a date, don’t you think?

Photo: PacificCoastNews