Prince & Paris To Testify At Michael Jackson Manslaughter Case?

prince michael jackson, paris michael jackson
Prince and Paris Michael Jackson Witnessed Their Father Pass.

Given that Prince and Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s eldest children, witnessed their father’s death, it is possible that the children will testify in the ongoing manslaughter case against Dr. Conrad Murray.

Don’t hold your breath though.

“We do not intend to call any of the children at the preliminary hearing,” a spokeswoman for the L.A. County District Attorney says.

The same goes for the defense.

“We don’t have a defense strategy or a witness list yet,” says a spokeswoman for Ed Chernoff, the attorney representing Murray. “That is premature for the preliminary hearing stage. As for calling Michael Jackson’s children to testify I can say this: Dr. Murray loves and respects Prince, Paris, and Blanket and would be hard pressed to request anything of them that would cause them any stress.”

It’s hard to hold children accountable for what they may or may not say. So it seems fair that they would not be asked to testify.

Do you think Prince and Paris should testify in the case?