Prince William And Duchess Catherine Name Their Baby George Alexander Louis!


101444PCN_RoyalBaby04It’s the royal event of the summer, everyone! After taking everyone’s predictions for the past 48 hours, we finally have a name for the Prince of Cambridge. Here we go people:


According to sources, many royal insiders had already predicted that the name would be George. Clarence House announces in a statement the infant will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.

Popular baby name generator says that George was the name of the king of Britain for 116 straight years, as well as the patron saint of EnglandSaint George, who, by slaying the dragon became the symbol of good conquering evil. America‘s most famous George is, of course, Washington, the Father of our country.

Perfect for a little Prince who is about to rule the playgrounds in a few years, right?

Congrats again to the new royal celebrity parents! I’m pretty sure that all the mums-to-be in Great Britain that are expecting boys are going to start naming their babies George in 3..2…

I on the other hand can’t wait for Kate and Will’s next baby to be named Princess Georgina Alexandra Louisa. Get crackin’ there kids!

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