Prince William and Duchess Kate Pick Prince George's Non-Royal Godparents


101447PCN_KateBaby12It looks like Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton are going to have to wait this one out the second time around.

According to reports, royal couple Prince William and Kate Middleton have chosen their son Prince George’s godparents and of course, you’ll never guess who they are. Why? Because no one knows them!

The first-time parents have broken the tradition of choosing high-ranking royals and have instead chosen their old pals from their college years, Fergus Boyd and Emilia d’Erlanger to be George’s official godparents.

Emilia D’Erlanger was a pal of Kate’s since her high school days at Marlborough College and was also friendly with Prince William during those years. The three became friends at St. Andrews. From what we’re hearing, it was even Emilia who first introduced William to Kate before they began their much-publicized courtship.

Of course, many palace insiders are giving William and Kate a side-eye for not abiding by traditions, but I say kudos to them for doing what they think is best for their family. It’s refreshing to see them choose close friends rather than those with social status to be in their inner circle.

As far as Harry and Pippa though, I’m sure they are going to party hard at little George’s christening party next week! For now we’ll give them the Most Fun Uncle and Aunt titles, which they will definitely live up to!

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