Prince William and Kate Middletons Official Wedding Photos Look Relaxed Happy


royal-wedding-kidsPrince William and Kate Middleton’s official wedding photos were released by Clarence House today and the pictures show a relaxed, happy bride and groom!

My favorite picture is of William and Kate with all the little ones from the wedding party! Isn’t this picture just adorable?

The royal wedding pictures were taken by Hugo Burnand, who told The Telegraph:

“Amazingly it was a family wedding. From where I was and from their point of view it was two families coming together and that was the feeling, the sense of family and love going between everyone.”

The pictures, taken in Buckingham Palace’s throne room immediately after the bride and groom arrived from Westminster Abbey.  All of the official pictures show capture the Royal Family and the Middletons in having a very happy day.

See more of the official royal wedding portraits featuring the whole family and wedding party here.

Credit: Photograph by Hugo Burnand, Clarence House Flickr