Prince William Engagement: What Will Kate Middleton's Title Be?

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With Kate Middleton and Prince William beginning to plan what will most-likely be the most-watched social event of next year, so many questions remain unanswered. What will her dress look like? Where will they live? Will they have children right away? We already know that William gave Kate his mother’s engagement ring, but will Kate Middleton really be an official Princess like Diana? And what will her royal title be?

There are actually a few options.Kate’s title depends on what happens with William! Once they are married, his title will probably change, much like his father’s and uncles’ did, becoming a Duke or Earl. If his father ends up succeeding his grandmother for the throne, William will become the Prince of Wales, next-in-line to become King of England. This would make Kate Middleton the Princess of Wales, a title most usually associated with William’s mother, Diana.

William’s stepmother, Camilla, took over the Princess of Wales title when she married Prince Charles, but since the name is most commonly associated with Diana (who is still considered a member of the royal family despite her divorce from Charles), she publicly refers to herself as Duchess of Cornwall, the feminine version of another title that Charles also holds — Duke of Cornwall.

Therefore, if Kate has reservations about eventually taking the Princess of Wales title, she can also take the female version of the title bestowed on William on their wedding day — a title that we’ll have to wait and see!

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