Prince William Kate Middleton Kiss Photos: William and Kate's Balcony Kiss! (Video)

prince william kate middleton kiss photo
Prince William and Kate Middleton kiss on the balcony!

The Prince William and Kate Middleton kiss photos are here, showing the newly married couple sharing not one, but TWO kisses from the Buckingham Palace balcony.

It was the “countdown to the kiss” after Prince William and Kate Middleton left the royal wedding ceremony and proceeded via carriage to Buckingham Palace.

Right on schedule, William and Kate appeared on the balcony at 8:25 for their scheduled kiss – which, to royal wedding viewers, may have appeared a bit brief, but was charming nonetheless.

I love that William blushed… and the crowd chanting “Kiss again! Kiss again!” – and they do!

William and Kate’s second kiss was a bit longer and very sweet.

30 years ago, Charles and Diana kissed on the balcony too. You’ve got to think Diana is smiling down on Prince William’s wedding to Kate!

royal wedding balcony kiss
Prince William, Kate Middleton royal wedding photo
Prince William, Kate Middleton kiss
Prince William and Kate Middleton kiss photo, Buckingham Palace balcony

Prince William and Kate Middleton royal wedding kiss video:

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