Prince William Makes Awkward Joke About Kate Middleton's Morning Sickness


Ah, Princes. There’s nothing you can really do but love them, right?

After his wife Kate Middleton spent the past week in a hospital basically puking her brains out and dealing with a horrible bout of morning sickness, Prince William decided to make a less-than-stellar joke about his poor wife’s illness.

When William was asked about Kate by the former chairman of Centrepoint, Michael O’Higgens said: “He said they shouldn’t call it morning sickness as it’s a day and all night sickness.”

Cue the applause!

As Kate has canceled a few of her upcoming appearances so she can rest at home, this is apparently all we’re going to have for the next few weeks, folks. Har, har. But I am sure even Prince William can make you crack a smile with even the corniest of jokes, right? Prince Harry on the other hand…

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