Prisoner Claims He Fathered Kate Gosselin & Octomom's Kids!


kateocot1Sounds like this prisoner is trying to get himself into the psych ward. An incarcerated criminal in Illinois has claimed that he is not only is the father of all eight of Kate Gosselin’s children but also that he fathered Octomom Nadya Suleman’s octuplets. And to throw in a couple more into the mix, he also claims that …he is the father of John Edwards’ love child, all the kids on “ABC’s ‘All My Children'” and Bristol Palin’s child.” Yeah, he really has illusions of stud like grandeur!

The prisoner has submitted handwritten court papers – that TMZ got a hold of – about his claims. In these he said he met Kate Gosselin “at a Harrisburg Long John Silvers over octopuss” — and when Kate went to a fertility clinic in 2002, his “sperm was added to the mix.”

Some other highlights?
— “TLC stands for Torturing Little Children.”
— “Jon Gosselin is really a woman on steroids.”
— “I sued Black History Month.”

What would he like as a result of his filings? He’d like all his offspring to come live with him in his prison cell…yeah, I don’t think they’re set up for that there. And I hope he has some skills ‘cos the child support bills? They’d be massive! But he could always do his own reality show: Crazy Random Prisoner Plus 19.


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