Privacy Concerns Surround Royal Wedding After Photos Taken of Prince William

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New Privacy Issues Surround Royal Wedding

Security at the Royal Wedding tomorrow will no doubt be the best in London, but there are some new privacy concerns surrounding Prince William and Kate Middleton’s big day after candid photos of Prince William were taken and published in The Daily Telegraph.

The photos are apparently of Prince William and friends enjoying a little soccer in the park just two days before the Royal Wedding. It makes sense that William would want to relax and let loose a bit before his upcoming nuptials, so why can’t the paparazzi leave him alone?

Prince William has been followed by photographers since his birth, but after the passing of Princess Diana in 1997, there has been an agreement between news editors and royal officials that he and his brother Prince Harry would be given more privacy in exchange for receiving photos and updates on them from time to time.

This new photo is a major violation of that privacy, and has officials concerned about what will happen with the Royal Wedding tomorrow and beyond.

Let’s hope that Prince William and Kate Middleton are able to celebrate their marriage without too much disruption from the press.

Photo: Pacific Coast News


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