Proof Kate Gosselin Didn't Get Botox?


Kate Gosselin has vehemently denied she has had Botox, despite unflattering pictures that plastic surgeons have deemed a botched Botox job. I’m not a betting woman, but if someone kidnapped me, flew me to Vegas and made me bet my house on whether she did or not, I would have bet yes. But, we have photos of her shopping today, and Botox would have frozen her signature look, the Kate Gosselin Frown. Yet, here she is frowning — and you can see the lines forming between her eyes as well as forehead lines. Botox would have (or should have) wiped those out. So I’m revising my bet — I think I believe her. Another photo next so you can make up your own mind, plus what is a construction crew doing at her house?

She is getting trees put in to afford her family some privacy. What took so long to think of that idea?


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