Proof That Penelope Cruz Is Pregnant?



Penelope Cruz has been the subject of pregnancy rumors lately and although her rep has denied that the 35-year-old is expecting, that hasn’t stopped the presses.  And now there’s proof?  Apparently…

Penelope Cruz

…this dress did nothing to dispel the pregnancy rumors.  Cruz wore it at the New York Film Festival last week, where her latest flick Broken Embraces premiered.

The dress reportedly “hid” her tummy.  Yes, because it does look huge *cough*.

Penelope has said she does want to settle down and have a family, just not yet.  “I want to have babies one day but not right now.  When I do it I want to do it really well.  I want it to be my best project in life.  I don’t know if I believe in marriage.  I believe in family, love and children.”

Cruz is rumored to be engaged to Javier Bardem.

Time will tell if they’re expecting!