Psychological Report: Joran Van Der Sloot is Sane


According to an expert opinion, suspected killer Joran Van Der Sloot is sane but “devalues women,” which makes you wonder what his mother, Anita Van Der Sloot, thought of the findings, as she perhaps wonders if she raised a serial killer, if more victims will be found and what really happened to Natalee Holloway. Here’s what the report says about his mental state:

Van Der Sloot “at the time of evaluation, does not show pathological disorders that prevent [him] from perceiving and evaluating reality.”  It also says he is of average intellect, “presents traces of an antisocial personality,” and “is indifferent when it comes to the welfare of others.”

The report also said Van Der Sloot displays “poor social awareness that is evident in the violation of the rules” and the actions he takes against others. He leans “towards a life of debauchery and dissipation in the search for new sensations that allow him to feel encouraged,” which reflects his “emotional immaturity.”

The report indicated he “devalues the female figure.”


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