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Celebs Who Breastfeed in Public

By Christina Couch |

Celebs Who Breastfeed in Public

Maggie Gyllenhaal

The Dark Knight star became a hero to breastfeeding activists and a shame to those who condemn public breastfeeding when papparazzi spotted her feeding her daughter, Ramona, in a New York City park in 2007.

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About Christina Couch


Christina Couch

Christina Couch is a freelance writer based in Richmond, VA, and Chicago, IL. She is the author of Virginia Colleges 101(Palari Publishing, 2008). Her work can also be found in, Time Out ChicagoWired magazine, and Yahoo! Finance.

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17 thoughts on “Celebs Who Breastfeed in Public

  1. Ashley Corby says:


  2. mamanindigne says:

    The Jerry Hall image is interesting because it’s deliberately challenging two taboos; firstly about breastfeeding and secondly about the mother as sexual being. Shame on the paparazzi taking boob-shots as a mother feeds her hungry baby…

  3. Courtney Puzzo says:

    um stars breastfeeding isn’t a new phenomenon at all big ones have done it since the 1950′s. of course back then Paparrazzi didn’t photograph mother and child bonding time if it was done in public. and some of these aren’t even real stars in the first place but married to them which is totally different. some mothers that wholeheartdly want to nurse can’t for many reasons. but when it’s because of vanity that really irks me because it shows they care more about themselves than they do about the baby. if one of these stars did it on a film or television set they wouldn’t get fired for it like Lynn Redgrave did in the early 1970′s and rightfully sued the producers of the british tv series she was fired from

  4. Kaelipup says:

    This is wonderful! Breastfeeding is amazing on so many levels – the “perfect” food for baby, a wonderful bonding experience. I particularly love the pic of Julie Bowen’s twin boys – adorable!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well maybe the paparrazzi shouldnt be so dang nosey and they should not have taken a picture of her like that. Its called invasion of privacy even if shes breastfeeding in public like that. Breastfeeding is natures way for babies so Get Over It.

  6. Anonymous says:

    AGAIN invasion of her privacy, thats very disturbing that someone take a picture of a mother feeding her by natures way. get a better job paparazzis

  7. Chill out says:

    Uh, her husband took the photo. Relax.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just fyi there’s a formula ad on this page trying to lure moms who’s babies are still crying after they are fed

  9. desa walsh says:

    i just think its wonderful that women nurse in public. i also breastfeed my baby in public,and if you dont like it then dont look! my baby has to eat!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Read. Orlando Bloom, Miranda’s husband took the picture of her and little Flynn. Geez.

  11. dee says:

    appalled at the forula ad to the right – feeding experts MY ASS – SIMILAC. UGH. Formula company is not a lactation consultant. Such Bogus information.

  12. Cindy says:

    I agree with breast feeding but at least cover up, what I don’t like is my child seeing a womans breast. I think that’s all anyone wants. I don’t think people are condeming the act of breastfeeding as much as making sure you are covered up so that others don’t have to see the breast, that’s all

  13. Jill says:

    I love that these celebrity moms are breastfeeding in public! It still boggles my mind how many people, especially in America (as opposed to Canada), seem to give dirty looks or even say something derogatory to moms who nurse their children in public. Grow up people! Which brings me to my negative about this article. The link (from this site) that I clicked on to lead me here said this: Ten Celebrity Moms CAUGHT Breastfeeding in Public. Which to me insinuates that they are doing some shameful act that should be hidden. You can get caught doing things that are illegal, of questionable moral value, shameful, disgusting, etc. Under which of these categories do they see breast feeding as belonging? I say new link…. Ten Celebrity Moms Proudly Breastfeeding in Public!

  14. Heather says:

    I am a past military brat that has traveled to many country’s. When I was in Japan at the age of 11, there was Japanese woman on many streets, openly breastfeeding their infants. There was no shame in it and no one taking pictures. I remember asking my mother about it, since I did not know anything about it and she calmly told me that the mother’s were feeding their babies milk. She explained later at home, that when women have babies, that their breasts make milk. She said that is why woman had larger breasts than men. This simple but forthright answer was all the explanation I needed at that age.

    Due to that experience, I never considered it anything out of the ordinary and certainly not something to hide or be ashamed of. You are simply supplying your baby with life giving nutrients, I believe the news agency’s put the stigma out there, that for some reason; it is wrong. As some woman have posted – if it bothers you, don’t stare. Just be on your way and teach your children that it is a natural part of raising a baby. Teach them positive things about the process, not something to be seen as negative or appalling. No woman should ever be made to feel guilty for giving nourishment to their precious child. Baby’s get hungry, no matter what time of the day, it is.

  15. Sabrina says:

    Gee that is sad Cindy, I hope you don’t have any more children, or pets either, its a perfect opportunity to explain without much explaining that the babies drink/eat from mother, and trust me, most kids could care less about breasts, its your own hang up, get help.

  16. Paris says:

    I know because if your baby hungry she is hungry or he I have a boy and I breast feed him in public

  17. Daphne says:

    Babies are meant to feed on their mother’s breasts, but I do feel they should cover up, not due to shame, but it is a private act. I do not have hang ups, and we are free to express our opinions without any fear of recrimination, Sabrina. You should not judge! Cindy, you go girl! Having conservative values is a good thing! I watched my sisters breast-feed their babies, but they felt it was not right to
    expose themselves so they covered up because of their values. Yeah!!!

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