Queen Elizabeth Facebook: What's Her Status And How Many Friends?


queen elizabeth facebook
Queen Elizabeth Facebook page logo

Queen Elizabeth’s Facebook page has only just launched, and already her number of friends is growing faster than Joe Jonas’ list of ex-girlfriends. The Queen had more than 66,000 of them when I checked out the official British Monarchy page this morning, with about 400 new “likes” per minutes.

Now it’s difficult to imagine that Queen Elizabeth II herself is updating the page I imagine she’s busy governing, waving, asking her grandson William when he’s finally going to pop the question to Kate Middleton. But wouldn’t it be cool if she did post her own status? “Froze royal fingers off today in parade. Loved my hat, tho.”

Instead, her current status is the more mundane, “The Duke of York attends a Service for Remembrance in St. Anne’s cathedral, Belfast, 7 November 2010″ plus some pictures.

Will you be following the Queen on Facebook? Is this a good step for the British monarchy?



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