Quentin Tarantino Cares About Your KIds


quentin_tarantinoQuentin Tarantino doesn’t have kids and according to him he won’t have one until he’s 60, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect them.

All you parents out there that want your kids to become a star, do ask him about it, he’ll never use your kid. He’ll never put a kid through a harrowing experience that may scar them for life.

He said, “When it comes to filming, I wouldn’t take a real life child actor and stick them in some possibly psychological harrowing experience.  At the same time, Kill Bill has the whole cartoon sequence of (young character) O-Ren witnessing her parents getting killed. It is very harrowing. I think it is a great piece. But there is a difference between doing something animated and taking a five or six year old girl, dropping blood under her face and saying, ‘think about your mom being killed.’ I wouldn’t feel OK about doing that.”

I respect him so much more now, even though I will never see most of his movies.

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