Quentin Tarantino Wants To Be a Dad


quentin_tarantinoQuentin Tarantino is in baby crazy frame of mind. He’s said before that he didn’t know if he would ever have kids, but has now rethought that statement. He wanted them with a passion a few years ago, but now would be happy if it happened.

He wants to be a dad because he thinks he would make a great dad. What do you think? Perhaps he would. I think he would have to refrain from showing them his movies until they were older.
He said: “There was a time a few years back that I kind of had baby fever. I kind of wanted to have a kid and I kind of got over it – not that I don’t want to have kids but I just didn’t have baby fever anymore. I just want to take it any way it comes… I’m really good with kids actually. You hear those stories like once you have kids your life is over but I actually like my life the way it is. That being said, I think I’d be a great dad. I’d like to come back and have me for a dad.”

So will we be seeing reports of Quentin Tarantino’s lady friends with “baby bump?” captions. Or will he just hire someone to be a surrogate so he can raise the child the way he wants to.


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