Rachel Uchitel Becoming a Private Investigator, Mocks Fellow Mistresses

rachel uchitel
Rachel Uchitel gets her P.I. license next month

Infamous Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel, who has become the poster girl for home-wreckers, spoke to the Daily Mail to clear up a few things: 1. She is not wh***. 2) Fellow Woods mistress Jaimee Grubbs is “toothless.” 3) Spurned wives will soon be able to hire her to catch their husbands with girls like her.

This makes me even more excited to watch Uchitel – who gets her P.I. license next month – on Celebrity Rehab, which starts December 4. People who have no idea how unlikeable they are make the best reality tv stars. (Theresa Giudice anyone?)

Uchitel thinks this interview was a good way for people to “discover what sort of girl” she is. Well yes it was, and my opinion of her is actually worse if possible. Here are some of the more entertaining snippets.

–“People have called me all sorts of names, but they don’t know me,” she told the paper. “I am not the same as the other girls.”

–On Jaimee Grubbs: “the poor girl had a tooth missing…Honesty! She’s toothless!”

–“I am not a whore, nor am I a girl impressed by money or fame,” she said. “I have a brain and I came from money. I never needed any man’s money.”

–On becoming a P.I.: “Yes, that means I will be hunting down cheating husbands,” she said. “It is all part of me moving on with my life and I figured I may as well do something career-wise that I have a flair for.”