Rachel Uchitel to Star on Celebrity Apprentice: What Message Does This Send Our Daughters?


I realize that Donald Trump is a business man who understands that high ratings equals money, but asking professional mistress Rachel Uchitel to star on Celebrity Apprentice is going a bit too far. Sure, people will probably tune in with a morbid curiosity. But is it worth glorifying this woman as a “celebrity?” I guess to The Donald it is.

Trump tells TMZ he personally called Uchitel several weeks ago to offer her a spot on the show, telling her she’d be “awesome.”   When asked by TMZ if she’d do it, Uchitel said, “Absolutely.”

Why are people in power rewarding bad behavior in such a public way? This is the message it sends to our daughters: Don’t have any talent? No worries! Hook up with several famous, married men and you, too, can be famous if you play your cards right!

And here’s my other question: If it’s true Uchitel got a pay-out of millions from Tiger Woods to keep quiet on the details of their affair, why can’t she just GO AWAY — out of the spotlight — and live her life? I guess what she was seeking all along was not only money, but fame.  Sweetheart, there’s a big difference between being famous and being infamous. You are and will always be the latter.

Well, NBC brass still has to approve Trump’s recommended cast. Here’s a back-up plan for Uchitel: Marry some fame-seeking moron from New Jersey and join the Real Housewives of New Jersey. She’d fit right in.