Rachel Weisz Talks Motherhood - And Raises Some Eyebrows


rachel-weiszActress Rachel Weisz, who is a mother in real life to Henry, 3-1/2, plays a mother whose child was murdered in Lovely Bones. Rachel recently talked to Reader’s Digest about motherhood and her comments have rubbed some, especially adoptive mothers and parents who have lost a child, the wrong way.

First, Rachel says:

“I can get a general idea of some things — losing a child, for instance. But being an actual mother? No, that’s impossible to imagine.”

Mothers who have lost children were taken aback by this remark, noting nobody can ever imagine the despair of losing a child.

Also at issue:

“(Motherhood) is one of the very few unimaginable experiences that you have to live to fully understand,” she explains. “And I mean the entire process: the pregnancy, the delivery. Becoming a mother is a fantastic experience!”

Some have interpreted this to mean you can’t understand being a mother unless you actually carried and gave birth to your child, upsetting adoptive parents.

Well, listen, sometimes comments come off in print much differently than intended and the context lost. We’re inclined to give Rachel the benefit of the doubt since we can’t imagine her believing you have to give birth to truly understand motherhood or that losing a child isn’t unimaginable to those of us fortunate enough to have never experienced it.  Read more snippets from the interview here.