Rachel Zoe Balances Motherhood and Fashion! (Video)

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Rachel Zoe balances motherhood, fashion, reality show

Rachel Zoe has a lot going on… it’s bananas! Between The Rachel Zoe Project, her fashion line, styling celebs and being a new mom to baby Skyler, it’s a wonder she has time to breathe!

In this GMA video clip, Rachel Zoe talks about her son, Skyler, gushing so much that she says, “I can’t even talk about it without getting choked up… it’s everything.”

Rachel is shown with her baby, and talks about balancing her two loves – motherhood and fashion, noting that when she has her husband and Skyler by her side, “I feel like anything’s possible.”

The motherly bond is strong, with Zoe sharing, “I just love him so much” and “I can’t even get over him.”

Too cute!

Would Zoe rather be with baby than at A-list parties? She says she loves those elements of her job but says, “at this point in my life, any free moment I have is about my son.”

Rachel Zoe’s line will be showcased at Fashion Week and she even has affordable pieces available on QVC, so what are Zoe’s three must haves for fall?

A black leather jacket, a boot (either ankle or over the knee) and… a cape?!? Well, belted, natch.

Bananas, indeed.

The Rachel Zoe Project season 4 premieres tonight!


Rachel Zoe is known for enjoying the more Extravagant Side of Motherhood