Rachel Zoe Gives Style Advice To The Active Mom

rachel zoe, the rachel zoe project
Rachel Zoe gives style advice to the active mom.

Twitter can be used for many things, but having a conversation with the rich and famous is on the most common. And with fashion designer Rachel Zoe on the social networking site, the active mom has a chance to get some pretty good style tips.

A follower of Rachel’s asked her this question on June 30, “HELP! I’m a summer Nanny. How can I look super cute while also running around with the kids at pools, the zoo, and waterparks?”

Rachel later repsonded with this message, “Something casual & cute…cropped jeans, striped tee & low wedges or keds…@DRose321

So if you’re an active mom, take Rachel’s advice and go casual, but don’t forget the cute.

[Photo via PR Photos.]