Rachel Zoe Project Documents Baby Skyler's Birth (Video)

Rachel Zoe baby skyler birth
Rachel Zoe Project: Skyler's birth video!

The latest Rachel Zoe Project documented the birth of baby Skyler and fans got to see what Zoe did to prepare for the hospital (video).

Fashion is always first, as Zoe packed her hospital wardrobe – Chanel sweater, boots, a hat.

She’s Rachel zoe… did you think she’d show up in yoga pants? As she explains, “If I’m going to be a mess, I’m gonna be a glamorous mess.”

Like most new mommies, Rachel had some fears going into it: “My whole life is about to change… and I’m totally unprepared.”

Rodger, ever the voice of reason, said childbirth isn’t anything like the movies there’s a lot more waiting around!

Of course, while footage of prepping for the big day and the view from the hospital room was shown, there was nothing videotaped of Rachel Zoe actually giving birth (would you expect her to give that kind of access?!), but we did get to see shiny new baby Skyler two days later going on his first car ride.

What a cutie!

We also see the softer side of Rachel, as she kisses Sky and says, “I’ve never loved anything like this in my life.”

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