Rachel Zoe: She Chased a Toddler in THOSE Shoes? Wow! (Photos)

Rachel Zoe and Skyler

Motherhood comes with a whole slew of challenges from sleep deprivation, to time management to dealing with a toddler’s tantrum. But fashionista and stylist Rachel Zoe has a unique challenge that many a Hollywood celebrity is faced with. Parenting in heels.

In Los Angeles, Rachel Zoe was spotted chasing down her young son Skyler, a feat that does not look easy, especially when looking at what she was wearing on her feet!

Check out her toddler chasing shoes and how adorable little Skyler is right here:

  • Skyler 1 of 5
    Skyler shows off his big smile while he runs from mom.
  • The Shoes 2 of 5
    The Shoes
    Not the most practical choice for going out with a toddler.
  • Mommy Time 3 of 5
    Mommy Time
    The best fashion accessory that Rachel Zoe has.
  • Walking 4 of 5
    Skyler is now a pro a walking!
  • Heavy Lifting 5 of 5
    Heavy Lifting
    This looks like a difficult feat.