Rachel Zoe Shows Some Skin With Son Skyler (Photos)

Rachel Zoe and Son Skyler

Rachel Zoe was showing off some skin while out with her son Skyler. The super star stylist was spotted at the Cross Creek Shopping Center in Malibu, and although she was wearing a black maxi-dress and a large sweater, she still showed off some skin.

Rachel Zoe went braless and showed off a bit of ‘side boob’ in her dress. A look that is associated more with Miley Cyrus that Rachel Zoe.

What do you think of this look? Should she cover up more?


  • Skinny! 1 of 6
    She is such a skinny gal! But in her defense, she always has been.
  • The Side Boob 2 of 6
    The Side Boob
    Rachel embracing the side boob style.
  • Helping Sklyer 3 of 6
    Helping Sklyer
    Rachel helping out little Skyler.
  • Cute! 4 of 6
    Check out how cute he is! Adorable!
  • Funny Face 5 of 6
    Funny Face
    Skyler gives the paparazzi a funny face.
  • Covers Up 6 of 6
    Covers Up
    Perhaps realizing she was showing off too much skin, Rachel attempts to cover up.