Rachel Zoe Takes Her Son Skyler Toy Shopping! (Photos)

Rachel Zoe and her son Skyler Berman

Rachel Zoe was spotted taking her son Skyler toy shopping at a toy store in Los Angeles. The fashionista helped her son pick out a sticker book and fun toy police car as they enjoyed time together.

Just a teeny, tiny question I have! Skyler just celebrated Hanukkah!!! Do you really think it is time to jump into a toy store?  Or maybe they were returning something and picking out what he really wanted?  I don’t judge at ALL!  But, my kids just got done celebrating Hanukkah and I can’t imagine them stepping into a toy store till spring break airplane toys are needed!

Check out the photos below!!


  • Rachel Zoe ! 1 of 7
    Rachel Zoe !
    Check it out! 2013 new accessory for any dress a toy car! Brought to you by Rachel Zoe!
  • What Can I Do? 2 of 7
    What Can I Do?
    You know Rachel is trying to figure out how to make that car into a broach!
  • Resting? 3 of 7
    It is always fun to take a little rest in a toy store!!!
  • Which One? 4 of 7
    Which One?
    Skyler do you want this one? Or this one? Ok, never mind, you can have both!
  • Opps… One More 5 of 7
    Opps... One More
    Maybe just one more gift!
  • The Man! 6 of 7
    The Man!
    That is seriously the most adorable child EVER!!!
  • The Outfit! 7 of 7
    The Outfit!
    Cashmere beret, one piece blue and white stripped onsie and a pair of black shoes! Skylar is stylin' !!

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )
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