Rachel Zoe's Baby Skyler Too Cute in a Dapper Hat! (Photos)

Rachel Zoe Rodger Berman Skyler Baby Photo
Rachel Zoe with Rodger Berman and baby Skyler!

Rachel Zoe is killing it with baby Skyler’s style! And why wouldn’t she?

Perhaps baby styling is the next opportunity for the always fabulous Rachel Zoe.

As if Skyler needed help to be any cuter, Rachel put a dapper little hat on her baby boy.


Rachel Zoe, Rodger Berman and Skyler were seen at the Brentwood Country Mart in Brentwood, California over the weekend… they are a totally stylish and adorable family!

Rachel went with an all black outfit, a slim maxi dress with high heels and a beret type hat.

I love this look on Rachel and think a lot of moms could easily pull it off – it’s pretty low maintenance and looks great.

  • Rachel Zoe and baby Skyler 1 of 7
    Rachel Zoe and baby Skyler
    Rachel Zoe holds Skylar close
  • Rachel Zoe, Rodger Berman and baby 2 of 7
    Rachel Zoe, Rodger Berman and baby
    Rachel, Rodger and baby Skyler!
  • Baby Skyler style 3 of 7
    Baby Skyler style
    Rachel Zoe has the baby style going on with Skyler's adorable hat
  • Skyler is a cutie 4 of 7
    Skyler is a cutie
    Love his chubby cheeks
  • Happy Zoe Berman family 5 of 7
    Happy Zoe Berman family
    Rachel, Rodger and Skyler look like a happy family
  • Rachel Zoe’s little guy 6 of 7
    Rachel Zoe's little guy
    Skyler really gives the cameras a full on look at those adorable cheeks
  • Rachel Zoe, mom 7 of 7
    Rachel Zoe, mom
    Motherhood seems to suit her



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