Rachel Zoe's Celebrity Mommy Style: Less Accessories, More Cuddly!

rachel zoe
Rachel Zoe's Modern Mommy Style

Rachel Zoe may go bananas over the latest crop of designer duds and over-sized accessories, but you can expect the new mom to be wearing less of the bling now that she has a baby on board!

That’s right even the fabulous stylist to the stars has been bitten by the mommy curse when it comes to the impact that having a baby can have on your fashion choices. These days Rachel’s style relies more of function than her typical fashion offerings. Gone are her iconic necklaces, big buttons, pins, and dangly accessories. In their place are more functional clothing options that let her cuddle up to her three-month-old son Skyler as much as possible.

“I’m the happiest I’ve been..ever,” said Rachel at the Petit Tresor Babies R Us collection launch earlier this week. “I’m happy all the time, nothing really gets me upset. You don’t sweat the small stuff anymore.”

Of course, we can expect to see Rachel sweating the small stuff at least for her A-list clientèle on the new season of The Rachel Zoe project which debuts on August 2. I’m pretty sure we can also see Rachel return to some of her over-the-top accessories at least for those trips to fashion week when the new season kicks off later this season!

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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