Rachel Zoe's Little Shopper in Training - Her Son! (Photos)

Rachel Zoe & Her Son Skyler

Some parents, they take their kids to the park, others the zoo, Rachel Zoe? She takes her one-year-old son to a high end vintage boutique, ‘natch.

Rachel Zoe’s job is to shop, shop and then shop some more. And why not bring her young son with her so he can get a glimpse of what mommy does? During his formative years, he’ll be going to fancy shops all over the world, so this is kind of like a wee bit of training for young Skyler.

Check out more photos of the mommy/son shopping at Los Angeles hot spot Resurrection.

  • Rachel Zoe and Her Son Skyler 1 of 4
    Rachel Zoe and Her Son Skyler
    Mom Rachel helps her little shopper in trainer Skyler walk around the store.
  • The Bag 2 of 4
    The Bag
    Of course Rachel was lugging around one of her gorgeous Hermes bags on her outing. I bet the diapers do not go in there.
  • Smiling 3 of 4
    Rachel is all smiles as she watches her son crawl around the store.
  • Best Accessory 4 of 4
    Best Accessory
    Rachel Zoe is known for picking out great accessories, but Skyler is her best accessory ever.


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