Rachel Zoe's Secret to Post-Baby Weight Loss? Breastfeeding!

rachel zoe post baby weight loss
Rachel Zoe talks about secret to post baby weight loss

Rachel Zoe is sharing her secret to post-baby weight loss – breastfeeding!

Zoe told E! Online of giving birth to Skyler Morrison, “Life is amazing, it’s perfect. It’s complete. I’m in love and I can’t see straight.”

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Just 5 weeks after having the baby, Rachel Zoe easily lost the baby weight with breastfeeding and says she doesn’t exercise: “I’m eating a ton and nursing my child. I have not exercised, I can tell you that much.”

Of course, Zoe was downright skeletal before she got pregnant and has always been teeny tiny, so she probably didn’t have that much to lose, but I also lost the baby weight and then some when I was breastfeeding.

Will Rachel Zoe and husband Rodger Berman have another child soon? Rachel isn’t looking to get pregnant in the near future, noting, “right now I’m just having fun with this one.”

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