Raising Sextuplets Bryan and Jennifer Masche Were Afraid of Becoming the Next Jon and Kate

The Masche Family, Raising Sextuplets
The Masche Family, Raising Sextuplets

Raising Sextuplets couple Bryan and Jennifer Masche’s marriage went downhill because they were afraid they would become the next Jon and Kate Gosselin.

A source close to the Masche’s told that they didn’t want to become the next Jon and Kate and “this thought really took a toll on their marriage.”

“Bryan and Jennifer saw what happened to them and it weighed heavily on their minds because they didn’t want their lives to turn into a media circus,” the source said.

Their six-year marriage went spiraling downhill after an argument broke out at the Arizona home of Bryan’s in-laws, Sue and Robert Simbric.  Soon after, Bryan was arrested after having threatened to “flatten” his father-in-law.  The couple’s children were not inside the home at the time.

“Bryan is absolutely devastated about what has happened and he’s still going to counseling but at the moment Jennifer doesn’t want to go with him,” the source added. “It seems that she thinks the grass is greener on the other side right now but Bryan is a good guy despite his arrest.

“In her heart Jennifer must know that because whenever she went on weekend trips away with her girlfriends she had no problems leaving the kids with him. If she really was that fearful of this man would she potentially endanger her six beautiful children?”

Jennifer filed for separation on September 17.  Bryan will be back in court on Thursday, October 7, after being charged with disorderly conduct for domestic violence, resisting arrest and threatening domestic violence.

The source added:  “He is being painted as this monster when that is just not the case and he will go to court this week to answer the charges against him.”