Bryan Masche Arrested - His Mug Shot - Why Is the Raising Sextuplets Star Smiling?!? (PHOTOS)

Bryan Masche
Bryan Masche Mugshot

Why oh why is Bryan Masche smiling? He really has no reason to be. Here the dad from the WE series Raising Sextuplets is all grins for his mug shot photo.  The dad of six and reality TV star was arrested and charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and threatening domestic violence. And after a day like that, and a traumatic event for not just him, his wife but his six children what does he do? Smiles.  Why?

Did the police photographer say “Cheese!” Did he think to himself and laugh, “wow, that was dumb!” Or was he just thankful that the police came and stopped him before he did any real physical damage?  Regardless of what was going on in his mind, it’s still eerie to see the accused man all smiles.

Do you think it is creepy? What do you think was going on in his mind?

Photo: Via from Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office