Raising Sextuplets Dad Arrested: Should Their Show Be Canceled?


Another day, another scandal involving the law and a  reality show cast member. The DC Housewives Salahi couple have had numerous litigations; Bravo’s Danielle Staub has a record for cocaine, prostitution and kidnapping; the 7th season of American Idol’s Eze was charged with grand theft; winner of the ninth season of CBS’ Big Brother Adam Jasinski was arrested on federal drug-dealing charges; the list goes on and on. The latest arrest is the WE channel’s Raising Sextuplets Dad Bryan Masche.

And while most of these reality cast members were either already off their respective shows or were not fired specifically due to legal issues (although Danielle was let go of Real Housewives of New Jersey for unknown reasons), Bryan should definitely be canned. Here’s why:

His show is about raising a family. He was arrested for disorderly conduct and threatening domestic violence. I can’t be certain since I don’t know everyone personally but I am pretty sure the viewing public does not want to watch a show about a man dangerously close to beating his wife and kids.  He should not rewarded recognition or fame or notoriety of any kind for this sort of behavior.


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