Rakta Charitra 2 Review: Rakta Charitra Review Roundup

Rakta Charitra 2 reviews
Rakta Charitra 2 Review Roundup

The Rakta Charitra 2 reviews are coming out now that Rakta Charitra 2 was released today in Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil versions. The Rakta Charitra 2 reviews are mixed, though fans of the first Rakta Charitra movie are sure to be anxious to see Rakta Charitra 2. Both Bollywood flicks are full of action…and definitely aren’t appropriate for the kids, but would be great for a date night out!

Here is a Rakta Charitra 2 review roundup:

Freaky Gossip says that Rakta Charitra 2 is good, but doesn’t live up to fans expectations. This Ratka Charitra 2 review also adds that you don’t have to see the first Rakta Charitra film to watch Rakta Charitra 2, because a portion of the beginning of the film is a recap of the first movie.

Bollywood Hungama gives a very favorable Rakta Charitra 2 review saying that the film is engrossing and gripping. The reviewer adds, “On the whole, Rakta Charitra 2 highlights the emotion called vengeance most convincingly. It is chilling, raw, revolting, crass and ghastly, the kind that is meant to repulse you. But let’s face it: It’s a true depiction of human emotions.”

Bollywood Nonstop gave Rakta Charitra 2 a fair review, with 3.5 out of 5 stars. This review said that Rakta Charitra 2 had good presentation and a good screenplay.

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