Rakta Charitra Review: The Controversy Over Rakta Charitra

Rakta Charitra review
Rakta Charitra review: All the buzz on the new movie

A “Rakta Charitra” review would be remiss without mention of the controversy that seems to be overriding any discussions about the actual quality of the movie! There was certainly a lot of pre-release buzz about the movie, which follows Paritala Ravindra’s journey from a soft-spoken man to a jungle-bound rebel bent on avenging the deaths of his father and brother.

In fact, Ram Gopal Varma’s movie faced some problems with censors, who eventually passed it with an A certificate despite some questions about violence some are saying it’s the most violent film in Indian history.

What do critics think of the movie, which stars Vivek Oberoi, Subrata Dutta, Suriya and Shatrughan Sinha? There aren’t a lot of reviews available yet, and I’ll try to add some later as they come out. But the reviews that are out agree that it is extremely ambitious Varma made it into two separate movies, and there are three versions, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

The movie premiered in Ananthapuram, another controversial decision, and Varma has been locked in disputes with family members of the two factions depicted in the film.

Add your own thoughts did you like the movie? Was it too violent?


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