Ramona and Beezus Movie: Bridget Moynahan


With a young son of your own, do you feel it was easier to mime those emotions in playing a mom?

Becoming a mom helped me understand more about being a mother onscreen. The patience level that you need and the multi-tasking – that’s a huge thing when you’re a mom. And obviously it’s different when you have three kids, as opposed to one.

How do you handle personal family life time with the demands of your work?

Really good help. You have to have the friends, family and support system to make it work. And you have to keep in mind your priorities and keep a good balance.

What’s your favorite childhood memory of the book?

I grew up reading these books, so it was fun for me to go back and read them as an adult and see them from a different angle. I discussed it with a few of my girlfriends that I grew up with, and they were all excited I was playing Mrs. Quimby. But we rehashed some of the stories of the trouble we would get into because of the books.

The books inspired you to be a trouble-maker?

The books inspired my friends to be naughty. I was just there. It wasn’t me!

What about the story attracted you to the role?

I really liked the family values of it. There are a lot of kids’ movies and music that are promoted toward children and the material or language is inappropriate. This movie delivers on what it says it is and families are not going to be shocked.

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