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Ramona Singer: Kelly's Scarier Than You Could Ever Imagine!

By Mara Siegler |

I admitted here before that I had never watched the Housewives until Kelly Bensimon had the breakdown seen round the Internet. After seeing the “Crazy” episode, I thought they all act deranged. After last night’s episode, my first impression holds true.

The summary: Kelly Bensimon continued to act like a lunatic. Jill and Bobby come to St. John. Alex makes faces, acts like a 10 year old.  Kelly leaves. Jill and Bobby leave.  Bridal shower somewhere in there. Snooze. Kelly meets up with LuAnn and tries to explain things to her and the countess is all “Huh? Wha? You crazy!” Jill wears ridiculous figure skating outfit, tries to make nice with Bethenny. Everyone squabbles and acts juvenile through entire show. Fin.

As an objective watcher, viewing this show is almost uncomfortable-I feel embarrassed for these women and Kelly clearly needs help. Stat.

Ramona weighs in on last night’s episode and the mental health of who I internally refer to as The Tall Psycho One. She says: “I was so relieved Kelly had left St. John. I no longer wanted to be responsible for her as she was having serious issues and it was scary (much scarier than you could ever imagine!)”

“I had called Jill the evening before to ask her to please meet Kelly at the airport. I was so concerned for her and wanted someone to meet her and make sure she was OK. Jill had conveyed to me that Kelly was sending her strange texts and wasn’t making any sense.”

I know when a friend of mine is clearly suffering a psychotic break, the first thing I do is call Jill Zarin (no), but maybe Ramona (or whomever) should have called a medical professional? Just saying. “Scarier than you could imagine,” sounds serious, right?

When Jill shows up on vacay, Ramona recounts that : “I was speechless. I took one look at Alex and saw her trembling and shaking. Knowing that Bethenny’s father just died and that her pregnancy was in a fragile state and couldn’t take stress, I made my decision. I had my guests to consider and I needed them to be comfortable.”

Ramona then switches gears to talk about how nice the last night was and other non-Kelly-Bensimon-is-a-total-nut-job things.

Why, why, why (!!!) if Kelly is really that crazy do these women not do something about it? This woman has kids at home! The producers are clearly going to let it slide because it makes for great TV. Just look at the plastic creature who used to be Heidi Montag to see what can happen when things spiral out of control.  We’re watching a train wreck. Where is responsibility?

Shouldn’t everyone live by the New York City MTA’s motto “If you see something, say something?” These women live in Manhattan, they should know this. Or, do I just need to take more cabs?


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0 thoughts on “Ramona Singer: Kelly's Scarier Than You Could Ever Imagine!

  1. kathy says:

    Jill is always saying ad nauseam that she is very connected to everything in NYC. Couldn’t she find someone to to meet Kelly at the airport? With a straight jacket. Seriously, I doubt Bravo let Kelly go back alone. St. John is a trek to and from it. First a boat, then a plane.I do think the producers stepped in. I don’t think Kelly would have left on her own. She seemed happy to be spewing her venom and ruining what should have been a great trip.

  2. REAL DC says:

    I have to agree–I’m sure Bravo carefully and cautiously, and whether she wanted to leave or not, escorted Kelly from the island. Jill isn’t really Kelly’s friend and obviously wasn’t terribly concerned for her. I hope Kelly has received the help she needs and DOES NOT return for another season! Sonja is a breath of fresh air.

  3. rylly says:

    Agree, Sonja is a breath of fresh air, that is more like it. If they can find one Sonja, maybe they can find a few more? Please.
    Kelly has to be on some kind of anti-depressant that obviously is working against her…as is their wont. What a terrible exposure for a woman with 2 lovely little daughters. Someone needs to step in and help that woman and make sure the kids are okay.
    Jill can’t keep her mouth under control, she needs some “quiet time” alone with herself and watch some of the crap she has said on that show, while imagining herself to be a peace maker, she is a trouble maker of the first order.
    The Countess is so “over” good grief, what a case of over-blown ego and total inability to see reality in what she says vs what she actually does. Phew. She screams phony.
    Alex used to have the most level head, and now she is trembling when a woman enters the party? Come on.
    Bravo told them all to “bring it” this season and they took the bait as though their lives depended on this goofy show. Really? The pay must be awfully good.??

  4. dEBBY says:

    kelly needs serious help! her kids shouldn’t even be around her. I think she is mentally disturbed. She needs a pschiatrist!

  5. dEBBY says:

    or should say she should be checked in. If she was one of the regular janes she would already be checked in.

  6. Bridget says:

    If Kelly was in a crisis and Ramona called Jill for help isn’t that rather contradictory of Ramona considering all of the horrible things she has to say about Jill? If Jill is such a horrible person why would Ramona contact her for help? You have Ramona drinking like a fish, Bethenny screaming and yelling and insulting everyone with every word she says, Alex having a seizure at the sight of Jill and Sonia feeding into the frenzy yet no one seems to think those girls are crazy? I think most people would have a nervous breakdown if they were stuck on an island with crazy eyes, skeletor, lady godiva and sound bite Bethany.

  7. bilo5705 says:

    Kelly has SERIOUS issues. It’s not the responsibility of the other women to see to it that she gets help. I thoroughly enjoy the show and if Kelly were an acquaintance of mine, I’d pass her off on someone else too. What’s with the candy obsession? She is inhumanly thin and eats too much candy. Kelly is either on drugs, or need them. Ramona was right and Jill is a complete phony…all of a sudden she’s worried about Bethenny’s baby? Get serious. She just can’t stand not being part of the drama. Just my two cents.

  8. bilo5705 says:

    Where is the father of Kelly’s children. Kelly is certifiable and their dad should take action–immediately. Not the housewives’ job. Period.

  9. Jonathan says:

    I really loved watching this wreck of a show until I saw the complete collapse of Kelly’s mental state! CLEARLY she needs help, and I hope the producers can see this! NEVER have I seen such a clear representation of a woman in need of severe help! Her anger and hatred are possible examples of a very troubled mental state! Perhaps it’s fun to watch, but this is indeed very serious!

  10. Morgaine says:

    One of the ladies said in her blog that Kelly was escorted home. Judging from her recent Twitter blitz, Kelly has NOT received the help that she needs. We have no way of knowing who might have tried what, but it is very difficult to get help for a person who won’t admit they are sick. Until she is an immediate danger to herself or someone else, nothing can be done without her consent. I just hope when she does go off again, and she will, that someone is there to get her the help she needs.

  11. Marisa says:

    As I watched this episode, I was sure that even with the best editing, viewers would be convinced that Kelly is clearly in need of help. I watch the show every week because it provides me with a mindless hour of escape and crazy entertainment (pardon the puns). This week, I was not entertained; I can see delusional at work, any day of the week. Bravo, shame on you for exploiting this woman and her very real mental disability.

  12. Aimee says:

    I am not sure that Kelly has ever mentioned where the kid’s father is? If he’s alive…shame on HIM for not stepping in (unless maybe he’s trying and it’s hung up in legalities!)

  13. janis says:

    I am not convinced that Kelly is a mental case. I believe the show itself is highly scripted and most of the stuff we see is all an act..theyt actors. Furthermore, when the cameras are in their faces, all of these bimbos are going to drmatize everything. All because the producers are telling them so to make for good TV. If this is the case,then they need to change the name of the show and delete The “Real” and replace it with just the housewives…

  14. M. Redfern says:

    To Bravo . . . We realize how important ratings are; but please don’t compromise your brand/reputation/responsibility by glorifying the antics of a mentally ill mother. When you follow an “undiagnosed diagnosis” around who is clearly getting exponentially worse but still has legal custody of her children, then Bravo has failed their viewers. It reminds me of the people who use to video tape abusive situations instead of putting down the camera to intervene and prevent further damage. Yes, your show is a guilty pleasure that I truly enjoy. However, this is way past entertaining. Don’t let the chase for high-ratings footage overshadow your responsibility to the underserved and innocent.

  15. zero milligrams (o.m.g.) says:

    “a spoon full of medicine helps the sugar go down…”
    that girl is all kinds of crazy with her gummy berries and la la pops to keep her calmed down.
    crack may be wack but meth is best for kelly bensimon.
    sonja hit the nail on the head whenever she pointed out that kellys’ room on the yacht smelled of cat piss. at first i thought sonja was being a little rude talking about someone elses yacht like that but she was talking about the smell of kelly.
    kelly smells like a junkie, meth head, tweeker, just plan cat piss.
    plus all the sweets kelly tweeks with.
    but the weight loss and boney condition she is in is not healthy.
    she is sick and bravo and her ex. needs to have her tested and off the show for her kids sake as well as her own.
    i’m just saying(o.m.g.)

  16. anonymous says:

    Ramona, you were an intoxitated disaster. people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I do like you, you are a great mother with a killer work ethic. but, stop exagerating all of the kelly stuff. stop with the witch hunt Ramona. And, bethenny really is a bully big mouth and does need to zip it. It is ugly already.

  17. anonymous says:


    you were an intoxitated disaster. people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I do like you, you are a great mother with a killer work ethic. but, stop exagerating all of the kelly stuff. And, bethenny really is a bully big mouth and does need to zip it. It is ugly already.

  18. Leigh says:

    Kelly’s husband is alive – he’s the photographer who took photographs of RHONJ Danielle’s daughter. Anyone notice that? He was that really, really, really, really old French guy that works for Elle. He took the photos for her cover of the Daily. I almost fell off my chair when I saw him.

  19. tobey says:

    The producers should recommend Kelly see a therapist and recuperates before allowing her on the show again. Sonja is sweet, like her. LuAnn should stop singing, she sounds as bad as my Dad, and I love him.

  20. TexasGirl says:

    I first want to say that I’m addicted to all the Real Housewives shows. My question is why are they called housewives? Most of them are not. I consider a housewife a stay at home wife/mother. It really bothers me that they brought on a new “housewife”, Sonya, and she’s already divorced and they don’t show her child/children. Bethanny had never been married, didn’t have children and works for a living? Ramona works. Kelly is divorced. Alex works. Just asking.

  21. lemonade2lemons says:

    anonymous is kelly. She is using the same terms she used on the show and writes in the same manner. Kelly it isn’t a witch hunt if you attack the other people first and if the producers and camera crew witness it as well. Ramona tried to calm you down twice but you don’t remember due to your “jelly bean” addiction. So until you know what you are and where you are then anonymous you need to zip it. period.

  22. Asrai says:

    ‘Anonymous’ actually DOES sound just like KKK.

  23. linda kellogg says:

    anyone who knows anything about girls who bully knows that this is what has been happening to kelly since the minute she showed up on the show-Bethany went crazier and meaner than she already was-she has been like a rabid pit bull going after kelly-kelly can’t say one word without bethany and her low rent remarks and her hate and OBVIOUS JEALOUSy. bethany is a mean jealous angry woman whose own problems and insecurities she tries to mask with bullying and cruel horrible remarks and behaviour-they all need therapy but bethany needs it the most and ramona next. They always make fools of themselves but the worst and unforgiveable is when they are cruel like they were to kelly–they totally crossed the line.

  24. [...] Read more; [...]

  25. joan says:

    From day one Kelley seemed to me like she was nuts, and I hope we do not see her on here again. She attacked Bethany right away and you cannot even talk to this woman, she never shuts up and makes no sense at all. Very frustrating person, I love Bethany, she is beautiful and I think Alex and Simon are great too, sometimes the only sane ones on the show. Ramona is a kick good hearted person, and Jill well she is like a child. But she is trying.

  26. lemonade2lemons says:

    Linda must be Kelly. She is using the same language she used on the reunion pt.2 which they filmed a couple weeks ago. Ok Linda,specifically what shows, when did Bethenney bully Kelly? Kelly is the one who said ” she was up here” and Bethenney was “down there.” She is one who was rude and late to the meeting she called. She is one who never ever acknowledges or recognizes the insults that she makes toward Bethenney, Ramona and Alex. Kelly is the one who is the instigator. If she wants it to stop, then she needs to stop making false accusations, otherwise she needs to back up everything she claims is said, written or blogged about her. If she can’t, then should zip it. period.

  27. Clare Ann says:

    Kelly is a stunning looking woman, however, she exhibits serious emotional issues. Bravo would be wise to give her the axe before she causes problems. She needs professional help.

  28. Penepan says:

    People, you’re not being honest. If everyone hates watching Kelly and doesn’t want her back, why has it been the highest rated show?

    Yes, it was uncomfortable and confusing to watch Kelly act so nutso, but I watched and I will continue to watch. I won’t watch a Sonya only show, or more Sonya’s. She’s great as an addition.

    I can’t decide if I think Kelly’s just so self-absorbed she doesn’t care about making sense, or if she really has a problem.
    Think about it- if she were as afraid as she says she was of Bethenny and Alex, why wouldn’t she look afraid, or stay hidden in her room? She kept coming back out, laughing, joining in the ‘conversation’.
    I think she is so used to the attention being on her and never having to do anything but smile, she just can’t stand not being the focus.
    She’s juvenile, immature, and sadly, quite dumb.

    I do think she is a terrible role model for her children. Seems those kids know how messed up she is, so they will probably raise themselves.

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