Randy Moss' Childish Behavior Comes Back to Haunt Him


randy moss releasedRandy Moss’ childish antics have come back to haunt him.  A day after losing to the New England Patriots and hours after a rambling press conference, Randy Moss has reportedly been released by the Minnesota Vikings.

After just four games with the Vikings, Moss is on the unemployment line after a lackluster performance and a bizarre press conference in which he seemed more interested in his former team, the New England Patriots.

Moss was fined last week for failing to cooperate with the media.  At yesterday’s press conference,he informed the press that he would no longer take questions for the rest of the season.  Instead he would ask all questions himself and then give his own prepared response.  He went on to praise the Patriots game and criticize the Vikings for not listening to the information he chose to reveal about his former team.

It was only a matter of time until his childish behavior caught up with him!

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