Randy Quaid and Wife Evi Get Arrested, Insult the Amish


randy-quaid-evi-quaid-arrestedRandy and Evi Quaid were arrested last night in Texas after being on the lam. Arrest warrants were issued for the cheapskates after they rang up a $10,000-plus bill at Santa Barbara’s swanky San Ysidro ranch and then skipped out on the bill. In related news, the Amish want Randy to stop wearing their beard – apparently they don’t like any of the National Lampoon Vacation movies.

It always makes me wonder why celebrities, who are obviously rolling in money, skip out on bills or fail to leave tips. Also, I wonder what Randy’s three kids think about their dad’s dine and dash method?

Randy and Evi were released a few hours later after they each posted $20,000 bail. That’s $40,000 for less than a day in the slammer – Randy, it would have been way cheaper to have just paid that hotel bill.

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