Another Star On The Rise – Falls


maniac-murder-killer-rapIt’s a story we’re all to used to hearing. A rising star decides to get rid of the baggage they think is holding them back. We usually don’t hear of them doing in this fashion though.

‘Maniac’, Brandon Jolie, was in cahoots with his friend Kingsley Ogundele to murder his 15-year-old, pregnant ex-girlfriend.

What the hell is happening these days? I swear the news gets worse everyday.

The case was heard in a London courtroom yesterday. The two boys wanted to get rid of ‘Maniac’s’ “inconvenient problem”. She and her unborn baby stood in the way of their fame. She was saved by a passer-by, they weren’t so lucky.

Both boys were found unanimously guilty. Guess what’s standing in the way of their fame now? Prison bars.

Is it better to be famous or infamous?