Rare Sighting: Jennifer Garner and Her Nannies


There was a rare sighting over the weekend. One of superstar and super mom Jennifer Garner out and about with kids and not one, but two nannies.  Jennifer and Ben Affleck appear to be hands on parents and are rarely seen with the assistance of nannies, but with two high-powered careers, you know they got ‘em.

On occasion we’ll see Violet or Seraphina with a babysitter of some sort of help but rarely are Benifer seen actually with the nannies. But when we do, it’s when they are traveling. Here Jennifer, Violet and Seraphina were seen in New York, and having help when out of town is always helpful, no matter if you’re a star or not. But just because the nannies were with her, that didn’t mean that Jennifer relinquished all parental duties, check out pics of her pushing away here.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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