Rashidah Ali: Reality Star Being Sued By NYC Bouncer for 10 Million Dollars!


RASHIDAH ALI & SELITA EBANKSYou might not know her by name, but you probably would recognize her from the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Reality star Rashidah Ali, who also was in Basketball Wives is being sued by a New York City bouncer for ten million dollars.

Why? According to the bouncer, Ali attacked him while celebrating her birthday on January 26th at the popular Greenhouse Nightclub. Apparently the bouncer tried to throw out two of Ali’s friends that got a little too loud while celebrating her birthday in the VIP section. They were approached by the bouncer and asked to leave.

The bouncer (Joe Wright) told The Daily News, “I felt her hand reach through and start grabbing my face. She’s clawing over my eye, at my face, and I didn’t feel anything at first, then I realized I felt blood dripping down my shirt.” Ali allegedly left Wright with a severed nerve and artery and 50 stitches.

Unbelievable if it’s true!

Photo ( Rashida Ali and Selita Ebanks