Raven Symone Latest Hoax Victim: Raven Symone Alive, Car Accident Rumors Not True!

raven symone hoax rumor not true car accident
Raven Symone latest celebrity hoax victim

Is Raven Symone dead? No! Raven Symone’s death hoax is just the latest sick celebrity rumor to make the rounds

Why is Raven Symone trending? Raven Symone’s weight loss was originally the reason why the That’s So Raven star made headlines, but now rumors of a tragic car accident have fans concerned.

Rest assured, Raven Symone is still very much alive, but is the latest celebrity death hoax victim.

Gossip Cop confirms that “Raven Symone dead” trends are the latest hoax, following the fake snowboarding deaths of Owen Wilson, Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler and Charlie Sheen.

Enough with the celebrity death hoaxes, people! Raven Symone should be trending for her amazing weight loss, not this fake death rumor stuff.