Raven Symone Weight Loss: Raven Symone Talks Pregnancy Weight Gain On Cosby Show (VIDEO)

raven symone weight loss
Raven Symone Weight Loss: Watch Raven Symone Cosby Show Video

Raven Symone’s weight loss at the People’s Choice Awards 2011 definitely has everyone talking! Raven Symone showed up at the People’s Choice Awards noticeably thinner than she has been in the past…and everyone is buzzing about it…even Justin Bieber!

Raven Symone was one of the cutest child actresses ever on The Cosby Show, playing Olivia, the daughter of Denise’s boyfriend. Watch the video clip below of Raven Symone as a little girl on The Cosby Show. Instead of talking about weight loss, she gives Bill Cosby a lesson on weight gain while pregnant. Young Raven Symone attributes pregnancy weight gain to eating a lot of food, and has an even funnier explanation for why a mom’s belly is so big when she’s pregnant.

Raven Symone’s weight loss may be making headlines, but she’s been a beauty ever since she was a little girl getting her acting career started on The Cosby Show.

Watch the video clip below…do you remember the young Raven Symone?

Photo: PRPhotos