Revealing Photos May Be Evidence of Ray J and Whitney Houston's Final Fight Before Her Death

Whitney Houston exiting Tru Hollywood after allegedly fighting with another woman.

Contrary to early reports that Whitney Houston’s on again off again boyfriend discovered her body, TMZ reports Ray J was at home when he received news the singer had died.

Sources tell TMZ Ray J immediately rushed to Houston’s hotel room but, just like her daughter Bobbi Kristina, he was turned away because, at the time, the room was considered a crime scene.

Ray J had apparently not spent any time with Whitney since they were last spotted together on Thursday. That jives with what Jezebel is reporting. The site says Whitney and Ray J had a fight just days before her death.

Apparently the two were at a pre-Grammy party Thursday at the Los Angeles nightclub Tru Hollywood. Houston was said to be arguing with X-Factor finalist Stacey Francis when Ray-J intervened. A witness tells the Hollywood Reporter “hands were raised”, meaning Houston and Francis may have physically fought before Ray J broke things up.

As we previously reported, Whitney left the nightclub that night not exactly looking her best. These are some of the final photos of the superstar alive. In this particular photo, you can see what some media outlets have reported to be blood dripping down her leg.

Ray J also gave an interview to Insider earlier this week in which he played down his relationship with the superstar. “You know, they blow this thing out of proportion. I mean, that’s my friend. I’ve been knowing her for years and years and years, and she’s a friend of the family. I have a lot of love for her and I have a lot of respect for her.”

Whatever the nature of their relationship, sources tell TMZ Ray J is “crushed” by the news of Whitney Houston’s passing and thus far has remained silent.